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TAENGOO AND HER PIERCINGS <333 [Sep. 14th, 2010|05:03 pm]
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silis7noy2 @ soompi [14/9/2010]

NaNa is a piercings accessory shop located near SM building used by the girls and other celebs. This is the blog entry from the shop owner regarding Taeyeon's bunny earring

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Taeyeon's bunny piercing Sep 10 2010

When I saw the news article I just chuckled

Well it's not impossible that the two of them can be such and such but... Leeteuk already gets many piercing gifts from fans

and he had this accessory long before Taeyeon..

On Thursday Sep 2nd.. the girls came rushing in to my shop in the morning.

Taeyeon Hyoyeon Sunny Yoona..

Leaving for US the girls stopped by before hurriedly going to the airport.

On that day Taeyeon bought the bunny and left wearing it..

Now the news articles are out, Taeyeon and couple piercings really? kekeke

It's the number 1 search term.. just chuckling

Posted Image
SNSD Taeyeon
to. NaNa~ Banchak Banchak Nooni boosheo~ Lots of pretty piercings here ^__^# The Best !!

I like Taeyeon.

I have known Taeyeon since her high school days

Her face and personality are still the same.

In high school she kept bugging me to get her ear pierced

Saying she's a trainee and going about in her school uniform I thought "That little kid would she become anything.."

I worried for her but unmistakably she became SNSD

and greatly celebrated which made me delighted as if my own daughter became a star.

Sometimes she would come in early in the morning wearing a baseball cap and in a bare face

and with my poor eyesight I would try to figure out who it is.. and at that moment

she would say "Hi~ It's Taeyeon~" and then I would burst out laughing... hehehe

Taeyeon who is so busy everywhere would come to my shop every once in a while and sign a bunch for me.

Friends' requests.. or my customers' requests.. there are mountains of autograph requests here.

Without even a hint of annoyance she would sign them pleasantly and disappear like a shadow

Adorable Taeyeon I am thankful

Unnie will get lots of pretty piercings here for you..

Ones that Leeteuk isn't using.. keke

cr: Nana@naver